Japanese Tattoo Sleeve

types of japanese tattoo sleeves


Hello. And so, you want to make a sleeve. Let's start with the types of sleeves!)

In Japanese traditional tattooing, there are several types of tattoos on the arm.

Let's start with the minimum size.

1) half sleeve without chest

2) half sleeve with half chest

3) half sleeves with a circle on the chest to the nipple

4) half sleeve with a circle on the nipple

In Japan, during the period when they tried to ban the tattoo, most clients tried to hide the presence of a tattoo, so they made short sleeves, and the main large important element of the composition was on the back, thus the sleeves became a beautiful continuation of the background of the main tattoo on the back.

Let's get back to the sleeves .. further along the length there is a 3/4 sleeve, it is below the elbow by about half the forearm, but still short. Now some office workers or civil servants wear short sleeves to hide the presence of a tattoo, but in most cases they extend them, as they do not face discrimination in the service.

Therefore, I recommend making long sleeves at once so that the composition of the tattoo on the arm is harmonious and beautiful, as well as spectacular.

As with the short sleeves described above, on full sleeves I also prefer to go to the chest, I think that the circle on the chest to the nipple is the most effective! You can verify this by examining my work!

In any case, you can always extend your sleeve to a full one, but there are small nuances)

The nature of the lines varies with the artist, especially if you continue with different tattooists. There is a difference between a tattoo site that has healed for a long time and a fresh one. The fullness and harmony of the composition suffers when the sleeve is applied in pieces.