Japanese Traditional Tattoo

Classic of Tattooing


japanese tattoo artist germany munich
japanese tattoo artist germany munich

Japanese traditional tattoo is rightfully one of the unique phenomena. Classic style adapted perfectly to the human body.

A rich selection of elements from Japanese mythology, or something neutral, whether it be the elements of water, or whirlwinds of air, lightning, will suit any demanding customer.

In addition to this, the presence of large dark elements or parts of the background allows this style to be well used to cover up old tattoos

To begin with, it is possible to apply one small central object without a background, in a short time. Then, at the request of the client, you can put a background (elements of water or air whirlwinds) and secondary elements such as large flowers (chrysanthemum, peonies, lotuses) or small ones (sakura, plum), or maple leaves, ginkgo.

It is also possible to continue the half of the sleeve to the full and exit to the chest.

Even if you have old tattoos, this is often not a problem, they can be beautifully entered into the composition.

Japanese traditional tattoos, also known as irezumi, have a long history dating back to the Edo period. These tattoos were originally worn by criminals as a mark of shame, but soon became popular among the working class and samurai. Irezumi features intricate designs with bold lines and bright colors. The motifs often depict traditional Japanese imagery, such as dragons, koi fish, and cherry blossoms. The process of getting an irezumi tattoo is a long and painful one, as it is done with a traditional hand-poked method using a needle attached to a wooden handle. Modern technology has made the process less painful, but many still choose to get hand-poked tattoos to honor the traditional methods. Irezumi tattoos are not just a form of body art, but also a symbol of Japanese culture and history.

The Japanese ukiyo-e tattoo style is a trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years. One of the most iconic designs is the Kuniyoshi Suikoden 108 Hero tattoo. This style features the characters from the classic Chinese novel "Shui Hu Zhuan," which tells the story of a group of outlaws who fight against corrupt officials. The tattoo design includes bold lines and vibrant colors that capture the essence of traditional Japanese art. Each hero is depicted in a unique pose, showcasing their strength and bravery. This tattoo is not just a piece of body art but also a symbol of honor, courage, and justice. Those who wear it proudly display their respect for Japanese culture and history.