Raijin Fujin Deamons

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irezumi yakuza  tattoo deamons germany
irezumi yakuza  tattoo deamons germany

Not bad demons in Japanese traditional tattoo.

In Japan, a native Shinto country, almost every natural phenomenon or event, be it wind, fire, death, war, luck, had its own gods. Let's consider the main ones.

Thunder - Raijin. Often he is depicted in tandem with the patron of the wind, and Raijin takes the form of a snake, then a child. He produces thunder when he beats the drums and is also capable of making rain.

Wind - Fujin. This is one of the oldest deities from the pantheon of the Shinto religion, which existed even before the creation of people. Outwardly, he looks like a man with strong muscles, and a large bag with winds is hoisted on his back. Fujin and Rajin - gods of wind and thunder

Every time the bag is opened, windy weather hits the ground. Fujin first discovered it when the world was just being created to dispel the fog and open the way for the sun. Fujin has only 4 fingers on his hands, each of which is responsible for a certain direction of the world. While most humans do not have two bodies as their human identity is unique; some cultures can change this "characteristics" according what part they want to incorporate into themselves. If there is no such aspect among other types yet found amongst them, these are known callings: Sengoku (dragon), Takumi (horse) Geko (rice-ball) Kamegi ("lizard"), Akagi(shining lizard-head). Here we see how Indra gets represented by Kyoko Hanabira instead [13]. These attributes will help us understand more about her than our usual role model Hanae would give you already! We shal