Slava Starkov

Tattoo artist specializing in Japanese Traditional Tattooing. I do both, Irezumi – tattooing using electric tattoo machine, as well as Tebori – Japanese traditional hand poke tattoo.

My background

Japanese traditional tattoo is recognized and relevant in all developed countries! Many scientists and artists described this cultural phenomenon with admiration. And I was lucky to touch the mysterious world of this culture! I started my career in 1999 while studying at the University. For many years I have been studying and reconstructing this style of art. Thanks to a successful career, I could very. Travel a lot, where I learned and get inspired by the culture and art of Europe and Japan. From 2009 to 2019, I visited Japan 12 times and interacted with the oldest famous Japanese tattoo artists. Participated in master classes, visited museums and exhibitions, learned the language. Since 2003, I have attended conventions in Paris, Tokyo, London, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Malmö, Frankfurt! Where I was part of the global tattoo community, penetrated modern trends and shared experience. I received awards, held seminars and participated in exhibitions. My work was noted in a number of well-known magazines in Europe and the Russian Federation, a book was published several years ago. In my work, most often I use machines for tattooing sleeves or backs, but sometimes the traditional manual TEBORI method is used for tattooing. Bamboo sticks. It's less painful and much more fun. Since 2023 I have been working in the city of Munich, Bavaria, Germany. I look forward to seeing you at the studio!